BATFE Compliant Fireworks Storage Magazines

  ** 1-6-2021  We Are Not Accepting Magazine Orders At This Time. **
Magazine Doors Are Still Available to Order.

Those who are seeking to obatin a BATFE license in order to purchase and use 1.3g fireworks often get stuck on the storage requirement.  All 1.3g fireworks must be stored in a BATFE approved explosives storage magazine.  We are happy to offer our customers contingency storage to satisfy this requirement to help them obtain and renew their license.  But when contingency storage isn't an option (due to distance, convenience, etc), owning your own explosives magazine is the way to go.  

Type 4 BATFE Compliant Explosives Magazine (As Pictured):

Dimensions: 6' x 6' x 6'

Vented for Air Circulation
30" x 60" Steel Hooded Door

Price: $2999 plus tax

Pick Up at our Warehouse in Mineral Point, WI



*Please note that the design and construction of this Type 4 Magazine is compliant with the physical requirements determined by BATFE regulations.  It is up to each licensee to ensure that they have a proper location to place this magazine.  Please refer to the table of distances outlined in the ATF Federal Explosives Law and Regulations Orange Book. 


Yes, we also sell just the door, if you are skilled in construction and want to build your own magazine!

Steel Hooded Magazine Door:

Dimensions: 30" x 60"
1/8" Steel Lined with 5/8" OSB 

Price: $499 plus tax
Pick Up at our Warehouse in Mineral Point, WI
Magazine Doors Are Not Stocked.  Must Order In Advance.
5-8 Week Average Turnaround. 


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