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Here Are Some Links to All Things Pyro!

Kastner Pyrotechnics Discount Fireworks Retail Store
Large retail store located in SW Wisconsin offering 1.4g consumer fireworks at unbeatable prices. Everything from sparklers and throw snaps to re-loadable artillery shell kits and 500 gram multi-shot cakes.


American Pyrotechnics Association (APA)
The APA is the premier trade association of the fireworks industry and was founded in 1948 with three principle aims:

1) To encourage safety in the design and use of all types of fireworks

2) To provide industry information and support to our members

3) To promote responsible regulation of the fireworks industry

For more than 60 years, the APA has set the agenda and determined the priorities that serve the common good of the companies and professionals in the fireworks industry.


Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI)

The Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc., founded in 1969, is an independent worldwide nonprofit organization of amateur and professional fireworks enthusiasts. Its educational and scientific purposes are to:

1) Promote the safe and responsible display and use of pyrotechnics and fireworks.

2) Encourage the display of public and private fireworks in conjunction with local and national holidays as well as patriotic and other events.

3) Promote the production and sale of high quality fireworks.

4) Channel the creative energies of talented people into the design, production and display of high quality fireworks by example of the  membership and through the sharing of knowledge.

Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (WPAG)

Local pyrotechnic club which hosts several shoots and meetings each year.​

Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE)

Federal government agency that controls the use of fireworks and explosives.  Anyone wanting to purchase and use  professional 1.3g fireworks needs to apply for a Federal Explosives License through this agency. 


Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)
Federal government agency under the Department of Transportation that regulates the transportation of all hazardous materials, including 1.4g and 1.3g fireworks.


American Fireworks News
The company called American Fireworks News is more than just a newsletter for people who love fireworks. It is a publishing enterprise that is run by fireworks people for anyone who has a keen interest in fireworks. Beside doing AFN each month, we also produce several books and videos for fireworks enthusiasts. In addition, for fireworks professionals, each month we produce Fireworks Business, a newsletter for the trade. And we also have several books and directories that are used by fireworks professionals. You don’t have to be engaged in the fireworks trade to have access to all this information.

Passfire The Movie

Passfire is a feature documentary about fireworks, the people who make them and the cultures behind them. It's more than a fireworks movie full of fireworks videos showing fireworks people - it's the story of how our collective passion for fireworks is passed around the world.


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