Inert Display Shells

Inert products are useful tools for pyrotechnic training courses and demonstrations.  These are the same inert products that we offer to the ATF and other government agencies for training. These shells are INERT and contain no explosive material. 


These realistic replicas are available in two options:
 - Traditional Chinese Style Ball Shells
- USA Made Canister Shells  

Inert Chinese
Style Ball Shells: 

3" Inert Shell: $16

4" Inert Shell: $22

5" Inert Shell: $27

6" Inert Shell $38
8" Inert Shell $54
10" Inert Shell $68
12" Inert Shell $89
Set of 3 Inert Shells (3", 4", 5"): $60

3" Finale Chain $75  (5 Chained 3" Shells)

3" Finale Chain

Inert USA Made Canister Shells. Available in color wraps or craft paper brown:

2" Inert Shell: $20
3" Inert Shell: $24
4" Inert Shell: $30
5" Inert Shell: $35
Set of 3 Inert Shells (3", 4", 5"): $85

4" Cross Section Shell Half: $99
*Cross Sections are intended to give a visual of basic internal shell function.  These are NOT exact replicas and will vary slightly as they are all hand made.

4" Cross Section and 4" Inert Shell

Inert Shell Set In Craft Paper Brown Wraps

4" Cross Section and Inert Shell Set In Color Wraps

Chinese Style Ball Shells: 3", 4", 5", 6", 8"

Contact us to order inert products or ask us about custom inert items to meet your specific needs.

Basket or Stocking Stuffer?

Inert Shells also make a great gift idea for Pyros!

2" Inert Shells

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